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EFA future Roadmap

Post by toddh »

Checking in to see what the future of EFA looks like.

We've been using EFA for... now that I think about it, has been so long I don't remember when we setup our first box. Likely over 10 years.

We have been very happy with EFA. The product has been rock solid and the forum and developers have always been great when we needed something or wanted to share.

Looks like that last release was in Feb 2021. Looking through the forum I see mention of EFA 5 but that was several years ago.

Can anyone give a heads up if there is anything new on the horizon.

btw if this has already been discussed and I missed it them my apologies.

Thanks everyone!

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Re: EFA future Roadmap

Post by shawniverson »

I am deciding what to do. I have been away most of this year due to many things going on in my life.

I have an "eFa v5" built on CentOS 9 Stream, though. With some fixes I can get it out the door. This would get anyone interested an upgrade path for continued OS support.
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Re: EFA future Roadmap

Post by simonc »

That is like Music to my ears. I cant wait for the day.
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Re: EFA future Roadmap

Post by tentaclefi »


Waiting for the day also!

Thank you for great appliance.
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Re: EFA future Roadmap

Post by dangsite »

I am willing to give it a try?

have you thought about Oracle Linux 9? It seems another project (Security onion) decided towards Oracle Linux 9 rather than using Rocky/Alma, etc.

Just curious in our thoughts.....
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Re: EFA future Roadmap

Post by amaclach »

I'd suggest keeping it in the same family - stream 9 and rocky 9 are pretty much identical, but another distro family is always going to be a problem when there are as many moving parts as EFA. Trust me - I tried and failed miserably porting to Debian 12 Bookworm. MailScanner really did not want to work reliably for me (but that was probably just me).
My commercial platform isn't using MailScanner and it's all the more ugly because of that (but there are some scalability and resilience benefits too).
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Re: EFA future Roadmap

Post by Woger »

I would also love to see a V5 coming. Using EFA for almost 10 years now and never let me down. I really appreciate the work you have done.
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Re: EFA future Roadmap

Post by Aryfir »

When I read a news a few months ago, that Rocky, Oracle and OpenSUSE joined OpenELA to develop Enterprise Linux, I thought that this was the most suitable operating system for EFA.


I honestly admit that I choose Debian as the OS for EFA in the future, but considering that Debian does not have long-term support and developers have to work hard to develop to Debian base (which was previously based on RHEL), then I prefer RHEL base.

This is a personal opinion, there is no intention to ignore other voters

Btw: it's pretty much impossible to get developers to port into FreeBSD :)
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Re: EFA future Roadmap

Post by dangsite »

Here is the LTS webpage for Debian: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS
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