Greylist management improvements

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Greylist management improvements

Post by BOOZy » 13 Jun 2018 10:06

I'd like to propose two changes in greylist management:

1 - List 'waiting' by date (newest first) by default
2 - Allow for single click domain/subnet whitelisting

Point 2 needs some elaboration.
I quite often have problems with domains that do auto-load-balancing; the sending server will be a different one each time. On top of that such servers will retry from a different server (and thus IP addres) on each attempt, never succeeding in actually getting email through.
White listing all subnets involved is quite a challenge with the current interface that 1) doesn't sort by date, and 2) has a quick selection that only white-lists that particular email address/subnet combo instead of a domain/subnet combo which I need to enter manually (unless I want to do the whole exercise again for a different email address from the same domain).

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