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eFa V5 - Preferred Distro

Post by vimtoenergydrinker »

Hi All,

Firstly thanks for releasing a new version we will be looking to move to this when current CentOS 7 reaches EoL.

I was wondering if anyone had any preferred Linux distros for this. We're between using Rocky and CentOS Stream but wondered what the community was recommending.

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Re: eFa V5 - Preferred Distro

Post by Aryfir »

You can use rocky linux 9.4 or almalinux 9.4, the reason I don't use centos stream cause it provides a rolling preview of RHEL updates and features before release and changes much faster will occur (Some says that it is not for production server)

Recently, i fresh installed rocky 9.4 with a new eFa Released 5.0.0-7, and it's working fine.

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Re: eFa V5 - Preferred Distro

Post by darky83 »

Rocky Linux 9.x here, not a fan of CentOS Stream due to the rolling release cycle that is ahead of stable releases.

Alma is probably more used and seems to have a better community behind it and is more 'independent' as rocky is created by the same guy who created CentOS, Alma is non-profit, rocky is for-profit.

Either is fine I currently use rocky where I need to run redhat based systems, but thats just out of convenience to have everything the same.
If starting from scratch I would probably switch to Alma due to their non-profit organization.
Version eFa 5.x now available!
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