eFa-0=4.0.2 : SSH logout fails

Bugs in eFa 4
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eFa-0=4.0.2 : SSH logout fails

Post by hvdkooij » 29 Jun 2020 15:15


Not sure if it qualifies as a bug. But the SSH session is never closed for the administrative user.
On the main menu I use the 0 to logout from ssh but the seesion remains and it remains in the main menu.
The same client does not show this issue when i do something similar to pfsense. (The main menu looks a lot like that of pfsense :D )

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Re: eFa-0=4.0.2 : SSH logout fails

Post by pdwalker » 29 Jun 2020 19:48

Can you provide a bit more detail on how to produce the problem?


log into efa directly as user "root"
... etc, etc.

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