Greylisting Whitelist

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Greylisting Whitelist

Post by jamerson »

Dear All,

Lately been having issues with Grey listing, when customers email us from Office 365 takes ages untill its arrives.
So we decieded to start using Grey listing white listing.

let start

Step 1.

let create a file called clients_fqdn_whitelist.local on the sqlgrey listing

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Step 2

let add the domains that will not be added to the sqlgrey listing scan

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Step 3

run sudo update_sqlgrey_config after add the domains to the list

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sudo update_sqlgrey_config
Step 4

this is very important step to get the sql database check the domains. you have to restart the sqlgrey

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sudo systemctl restart sqlgrey
to add domains in the future, just add the doam and follow steps 2 till 4.

if you have any questions let us know.
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Re: Greylisting Whitelist

Post by mattch »

Im having same issue and find this. It appears whitelist instead of customer domains.

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