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Advisory: eFa- and manual patching

Posted: 16 Jun 2018 21:58
by shawniverson
To All,

Please be advised that I will reject assisting others with any issues that result from manually patching to Not to be confused with yum update, that is okay. :D You have been warned. :ugeek:

An issue has been found manually updating MailScanner on eFa You will end up with a broken system! :o

The great news is that we are moving much closer to a v4 release, so stay tuned! :dance:


clamav 0.100 crashes on eFa3 when yara rules are enabled in clamav-unofficial-sigs ... issues/203

To work around:

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sudo service clamd stop

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sudo rm /var/lib/clamav/*yar
sudo rm /var/lib/clamav/*yara
sudo service clamd start