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Releasing quaratine mails

Posted: 24 Nov 2021 08:26
by DeRaptor

again some troubles, because of linux knowledge gaps. :(

As you might know, i use EFA differently than thought by shawn - not as directly reachable SMTP Gateway for Exchange (Tobit David) Servers.
The EFA is behind a firewall, and i get my mails via fetchmail pop3, and the EFA relays the "fetchmail-received" mails to 3 different Exchange (Tobit) Servers as defined the the postfix transport settings.
The domain settings are hosted by an isp service provider - also the mx records for the domains.

If i try to release a quaratine message, the efa tries to send them via relay of the isp mailservers instead to relay them diretly to the internal Exchange /Tobit) Servers - how can i fix this relaying the quaratined messages directly to the Exchange Servers ?

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Nov 24 09:21:14 mw24mailgate postfix/pickup[123139]: 4HzYqt38Ndz8DDr: uid=997 from=<>
Nov 24 09:21:14 mw24mailgate opendmarc[3121]: ignoring connection from localhost
Nov 24 09:21:14 mw24mailgate postfix/cleanup[123644]: 4HzYqt38Ndz8DDr: message-id=<>
Nov 24 09:21:17 mw24mailgate opendkim[3125]: 4HzYqt38Ndz8DDr: message has signatures from,
Nov 24 09:21:17 mw24mailgate opendkim[3125]: 4HzYqt38Ndz8DDr: DKIM verification successful
Nov 24 09:21:17 mw24mailgate postfix/qmgr[39653]: 4HzYqt38Ndz8DDr: from=<>, size=887635, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Nov 24 09:21:18 mw24mailgate postfix/smtp[123650]: 4HzYqt38Ndz8DDr: to=<>,[]:25, delay=4, delays=2.8/0.02/0.77/0.39, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 Requested mail action okay, completed: id=1MbS4f-1mDzjb0BxJ-00bpQP)
Nov 24 09:21:18 mw24mailgate postfix/qmgr[39653]: 4HzYqt38Ndz8DDr: removed

best regards,

Re: Releasing quaratine mails

Posted: 24 Nov 2021 09:05
by DeRaptor
Forget it - don't read it. Found my configuration error. :roll: :oops:

Too embarrassing to tell - i think, i'm getting too old for that. :shifty:

best regards,