Remote users unable to access MailScanner web page

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Remote users unable to access MailScanner web page

Post by 2Old4This » 15 Mar 2019 05:59

When logged on to the AD domain on location or by VPN, users can click the link at the bottom of quarantine notifications to release them. But remote users cannot.

I've opened up port 80 on the firewall, and have rules to NAT ports 25 and 80 to the internal address.
I've checked the firewall on the EFA server and it says port 80 is open (by default, didn't need to open it).

It doesn't seem like a problem with EFA, but I'm hoping someone else has an idea because I think I'm overlooking something really simple. My firewall stats show packets being sent and received through both the NAT rule and access rule. So it seems like the server is being found, but then the connection times out.

Any ideas? TIA

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