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Re: SPAM Problem

Post by pdwalker » 05 Apr 2018 07:06

telvenes wrote:
04 Apr 2018 19:55
Please tell my what i need to post... :)
Can I log into your system from outside?

Basically what I need is:

1/ a complete spam report from a message that was not caught as spam
2/ even better, a spamassassin debug dump of that message being processed. That'll tell me exactly why the message is being scored the way it is scored.
3/ your dns server settings for your EFA box. Is efa passing dns queries onto an upstream server, or is your efa instance doing it's own dns queries?

When I first setup my efa instance, I also had low spam scores, and for two reasons, a) the bayes database wasn't trained and b) I was not able to use the dns rbls because I was using the ISPs dns server and the rbls were blocking requests from the isp. (most rbls are free to use as long as you do not make too many queries daily)

Also, can you tell me your how much experience you have with linux system administration? If you're an experienced windows administrator and have no knowledge of the linux command line, it makes the explanations harder to understand, and our instructions have to be a lot more explicit.

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Re: SPAM Problem

Post by telvenes » 05 Sep 2018 08:55

Sure. i will PM you

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Re: SPAM Problem

Post by telvenes » 03 Dec 2018 07:47

So i have started to block IPs, is there any public list off IPs to block?

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Re: SPAM Problem

Post by Mail2GoCa » 07 Dec 2018 17:29

Hi Telvenes,

Blocking IPs yourself is a losing battle because the pro spammers are always changing their IPs.

Even subscribing to to a blocklist service is not usually good enough.

You probably have one or two valid reasons for turning off grey listing, but now it is time to ask yourself if it was worth it.

I have grey listing turned on and get almost no spam at all. Out of every 1,000 emails, on a bad day maybe 50 of them are spam.

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