Quarantined Reports and clients releasing emails

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Quarantined Reports and clients releasing emails

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Hi All,

I have searched the forum and tried my best to find the answers that I am looking for however I'm not winning. I am new to eFA and I am managing the eFa environment now in my workplace. As an admin I receive the Message Quarantine report daily

Recently one of our clients reported that he has an issue with missing emails and so I did some digging to look at the mail logs and to me it looked like one of the emails that he said he did not receive appeared to be delivered from eFa to the client but he says he has not received it. I dug more to better understand Efa and I found that emails are quarantined for 7 days and according to my understanding these emails get deleted from the server (please correct me if I am wrong)

I searched the web and on the forums and I see that quarantine reports can be configured and daily digests and this is where my confusion comes in.

1) How do I configure daily digests for users and is this the quarantine report?

2) How do I configure daily digests selectively for example by domain?

3) Clarity on email quarantined for a client and their respective domains ie. The reports should only be received for domains relating to them.

4) Quarantine reports that a client receives are they able to release these emails themselves?

Could you kindly assist me with the above.
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