Recent error within efa

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Recent error within efa

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Normally I am not watching the logs within this eFa solution closely, but I had to unblock a domain for SMTP. As I was testing to make sure the domain can send email, I noticed the following error:

Jul 11 19:05:28 mx MailScanner[724120]: Unable to initialise database connection: Access denied for user 'efa'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

Is Mail Scanner trying to send some report to a local account via an alias?

The installation never defined any account (user or system account) defined as efa.

Watching what was used within the /etc/aliases file efa is not listed. (I added efa and mapped to a email address.)

But I was not sure how efa@localhost was being defined/used within mailscanner.

Look forward to any knowledge that any can share.

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I did notice these longs within the web GUI:

Notices From EFA
Notices To postmaster
Local Postmaster postmaster
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