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Can I (should I) suppress DMARC report transmission?

Posted: 16 Nov 2022 17:54
by VAXman65
I am running a nice little mail server for my home using EFA. I went so far as to implement SPF and DMARC and all has been working nicely.

Because I am a home user, I must use a commercial system to do outbound email relay. This service is cheap enough, but I selected the 150 outbound messages a day limit, which should have been plenty. Today, I unexpectedly maxed out the limit for the sake of a reply/all by one of my users.

We could have weathered the reply/all hit against the 150 outbound messages per day quota, but the ensuing flood of additional DMARC reports being sent to all those destination domains put us over the top. As it is, DMARC transmissions are consuming a significant proportion of our outbound quota and i am interested in turning this off.

I so like SPF and DKIM, but not a fan of sending the DMARC reports. Is it possible to turn the outbound reports off without disabling any of the other elements? Is it advisable to do this?

Re: Can I (should I) suppress DMARC report transmission?

Posted: 23 Nov 2022 18:30
by shawniverson
The DMARC reports are controlled with cron jobs that you can optionally disable. /etc/cron.daily/eFa-Daily-DMARC is probably the one you want to examine. Comment the line mentioning /usr/sbin/opendmarc-reports

Re: Can I (should I) suppress DMARC report transmission?

Posted: 01 Dec 2022 13:37
by VAXman65
Thanks for the tip. This worked great. So far, no negative consequences that I can find. This dropped my outbound mail volume by about 100 messages daily, or about 90%.