MariaDB - covert MyISAM engine to InnoDB

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MariaDB - covert MyISAM engine to InnoDB

Post by ajmind »

Due to some difficulties with my current used eFa box I had to recover corrupt databases.
(What has happend is not clear to me as my VM was always properly shutdown (?), but it was claimed in the log that some logs were in the future...)

That said Iam now looking closer into this part of eFa and have found advise to not use any MyISAM based tables and to covert them into InnoDB tables.

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SELECT table_name, table_schema, engine FROM information_schema.tables WHERE engine = 'MyISAM' AND table_schema <> 'mysql' ;
The result is:

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| table_name | table_schema | engine |
| tokens     | efa          | MyISAM |
So my question is simple: Should I do this, convert this table? As I am not an expert on this topic I am seeking herwith advise.

BR Andreas
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Re: MariaDB - covert MyISAM engine to InnoDB

Post by pdwalker »

Feel free to convert it to InnoDB. It will do no harm.
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