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Add additional console admin

Post by viper407 »

Good evening

With eFA, when you setup the appliance, you have an account that can access the console however I need to add a second admin to be able to assist with changes on the console etc. How do I go about adding another user other than the account that was setup initially?

Is this possible?

I granted admin permissions to the account and can login to the console with the new admin but do not get presented with the eFa menu at all whereas with the main account I do.

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Re: Add additional console admin

Post by pdwalker »

1/ create the account X
2/ add the account X to the wheel group in /etc/groups. Your first admin account (FAA) will already be there. Separate the account names with a comma
3/ cp /home/FAA/.bashrc /home/X/
4/ chown X.X /home/X/.bashrc
5/ log into account X and see if it's working

That's it.

Do you really need a second admin account? You can use the same admin account to log in multiple times if you wish.

The only reason I would have a second admin account is to keep track of when that account is used to log into EFA by different people. Otherwise I share the admin account.
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