Barracuda RBL blocking all IPs

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Barracuda RBL blocking all IPs

Post by MauriceW »

Not sure if this is a problem of eFA or with Barracuda, but I thought I would ask here.

For years I have been using two RBLs in eFA's Postfix config under SMTP Client Restrictions: and

Today I noticed that I hadn't received any mail for a while and when testing with MXToolbox and GMail they both reported this:

554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using

The IP address is one from Google's GMail service, but the IP address that MXToolbox uses gave the same error.

As soon as I removed the Barracuda RBL from Postfix, mail started to arrive again.

Anyone else noticed this? I think it started yesterday evening somewhere after 18:00 CET.
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Re: Barracuda RBL blocking all IPs

Post by Zwabber »

No problem over here
Checked the maiilog and did see some blocks by barracuda, but they where right
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