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Don't Send replies to noreply@

Post by elfranko » 10 Oct 2021 11:18

I have an issue, that I want to try and get rid of.
Someone has signed up to a mailing list, and subsequently moved on. we get emails to them sent from a
and the NDR for these get stuck in our outgoing queue.

So i'd like to be able to create a rule that says any email to:noreply@* discard
I have tried in header checks (using Regex: /^To: noreply@\ / DISCARD)
and also created a recipient_block in /etc/postfix and mapped it to the relevant part of

The odd bit is when i test it the noreply address i am using to test receives emails saying "failed"

Has anyone managed to do this, or anything similar

I am working on the theory that anyone using an address that starts no reply doesn't want to get emails to it.

Thanks in advance


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