Configuring E.F.A behind HAPORXY/pfsense

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Configuring E.F.A behind HAPORXY/pfsense

Post by sunnyg » 30 Oct 2019 18:15


I am setting up a new EFA server to run behind HAPROXY on PFSENSE.

Has anyone set this up before successfully?

At the current moment I am getting an issue where internally all logins work, however externally over the HAPROXY configuration one of the following will occur randomly.

1 - I will get a 503 Service Unavailable erorr
2 - I will get the log in prompt, and will be able to log in successfully
3 - I will get the log in prompt, but then get the error "Bad Username or Password", even though I use the same creds that work in #2

This seems to be only effecting EFA, as other services behind the HAPROXY are working fine.

Any help would be grateful


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