Lipkowski Says Hello

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Lipkowski Says Hello

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Hello people.
I have been using EFA for MANY MANY years as a spam filter for incoming mail and as a smarthost relay for outgoing mail and it has worked VERY well in these capacities fronting for my VERY old FreeBSD mail server.
Thanks so much for it it is SO awesome and works so well.
You rock Shawn. Such solid work you have here.
Just saw that there is a new EFA 5 release in BETA.
Anyways just wanted to say HI!
I am not much of a programmer so I am not sure I would actually be of much help to the project, but I do have a 200/200 dedicated pro network on FIOS with a couple of unused IP addresses so if there is any need for you people to up any test servers, I would be willing to host them here and also up the hardware that I have much of here.
I have nice low power (10 watt) quad core intel j1900 machines that can have 8 Gigabytes of DDR3 memory so they would likely make nice test chassis.
Dunno if that serves anyone's purposes here but I wanted to toss it out there as well as thanking everyone involved in this project cause it works so well.

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Re: Lipkowski Says Hello

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