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can someone tell me what this message means?

milter-discard: END-OF-MESSAGE from unknown[]: milter triggers DISCARD action

The mail is being delivered, but I receive this warning when I send it.

Thank you for support
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Re: milter-discard

Post by CABIT »

Hello toghter,

it is an old Post but i reopen it because we have the same error with a installed 4.0.4 Efa system.
We had used a efa 3 for some years.

Now we switch to the efa4 and got the problem in the logs.

But the mails will be delivered

milter-discard: END-OF-MESSAGE from.....: milter triggers DISCARD action; from=..... to=....... proto=ESMTP helo=......

Thanks for your help

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Re: milter-discard

Post by shawniverson »

This is normal behavior for eFa. The MailScanner milter tells postfix to DISCARD the message after writing it to disk for MailScanner to process, then MailScanner submits it back to postfix for delivery unless it is quarantined or blocked.
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