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I see a little bit of discussion about docker - and I'm keen to use a docker implementation of EFA.

I'd be happy to help (I'd need help with the building, since I've really only use EFA from a deployed appliance).

I would think that converting to use docker images would enable a couple of benefits:
* Each component (postfix, spamassasin, mailscanner, etc) can be updated independently
* Each component could be scaled independently too
* Folks can deploy it on any linux host, without worrying about installing pre-built perl modules or building the modules (since the docker container images would have all the dependancies as part of the image build). CI/CD could automatically build them too...
* The appliance install image is trimmed down to basically a docker install, a docker composer file and then configuration...

Anyway, some ideas - I want to move my EFA implementation to an existing cloud host which is running docker containers and being able to move the EFA components would be useful. If nobody has done it, then I'll have a go anyway...
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Re: Docker

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Sound like an excellent :clap: idea. I have been playing around a little with this, but unfortunately I haven't got enough time (or knowledge) to do this on my own.

I did start with a clamav-container, and I guess that this might be "the lowest hangnig fruit" - it seems that there is not much config that needs to be changed to use clam as an extremal service.

Also the SQL-part should be easy (?) to move to a separate container.

If you start this journey, I can contribute if I can (I'm not a developer, but I am a fairly experienced admin)

I did look at the V4 implementation , but was not entirely happy on the solution as it seems that it basically creates a new instance every time it starts
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