EFA incorrect hostname

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EFA incorrect hostname

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I find in the header of emails that come from one of our EFA boxes it has the wrong hostname in certain areas.

Return-Path: <no-reply@efaz.ourdomain.com>
Received: from efax.localdomain (UnknownHost [172.22.xx.xx])

The efaz is the correct server name, so I cannot find were it is getting the efax.

And where is "localdomain" defined in the cofiguration?

I went through these host name settings from Shawn and they all show efaz, efax is nowhere in these config files.

1) Change the hostname.domainname in /etc/sysconfig/network
2) Change the hostname.domainname and hostname in /etc/hosts
3) Execute: Code: Select all sudo hostname <myhostname>
4) Change Hostname = hostname.domainname in /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
5) Change Hostname and Domainname in /etc/EFA-Config
6) Modify Postfix Transports using EFA-Configure to correct the domain name
7) Modify Inline Signature rules using EFA-Configure to correct the domain name
8) Modify /var/www/html/mailscanner/conf.php and change the domain name of the QUARANTINE_FROM_ADDR definition
Reboot the system

How do I change the to the correct host and domain name?


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Re: EFA incorrect hostname

Post by amaclach »

This is how I set the hostname in my (not eFa) build script on Debian 12.
This should be pretty close to working on RHEL clones

Code: Select all

# Set Hostname etc.
hostnamectl set-hostname $FQDN
sleep 5
HN=$(hostname -s)
MYDOMAIN=$(hostname -d)
MYIP=$(hostname -I)

# Rebuild the hosts file
echo "   localhost">/etc/hosts
echo "   "$FQDN"   "$HN>>/etc/hosts
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