Searching for Test Mail Relay

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Searching for Test Mail Relay

Post by rainersausj »

Hello Community,

i am searching for a test Mail Proxy / Relay / Filter for two internal Test Systems.

The idea is to configure a second Mail Relay / Proxy / Filter Appliance filtering all Mails which it receives.

Mails to internal Users should be marked in the Header with e.g. "FROM TESTSYSTEM: ", and Mails to external Users should go in Quarantine, or will be forwarded to a configured Test Mailmailbox.

Is this possible with eFa?

Best regards

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Re: Searching for Test Mail Relay

Post by pdwalker »

Marking emails to internal users with a unique header is easily done using postfix header_checks.

As for forwarding mail from external users to different location, I don't know how to do that off the top of my head, but I suspect that could be handled with postfix as well.
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