Exclude single recipient domain from scanning

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Exclude single recipient domain from scanning

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Good day

We have multiple recipient domains (multiple clients) who gets scanned by our eFa appliance.

Is there a way to exclude one of these recipient domains from scanning?

I have tried whitelising by stating under the "Black and White Lists" the following settings for the Allowlist:
From: To: example.com
From: default To: example.com

Unfortunately SPAM still gets stopped.

I also tried under spam.whitelist.rules, to add a "Condition To:" rule in various formats but to no avail (But I believe this can't be used here).

We only have a single admin user that manages the appliance for all the domains.

Will it work if I add another user, specifically for this domain, and deselect the option to scan for spam, or will it have to be a user for every email address of the domain that we do not want to scan?

Thank you in advance
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