Hello from Thailand :)

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Hello from Thailand :)

Post by tessar » 19 Nov 2018 02:40

I’m a German guy working in Thailand for a small company (10 employees) and voluntarily took over the role as the Admin to setup the network for the office (all Windows: AD, SQL, Exchange, ...) because i did learn about that many years back and also have lots of private experience with Windows Server and used also Linux of different distributions over the years out of interest.

Since some time now the spam that passed the Exchange Anti-Spam increased and i read that Microsoft stopped the definition and rule updates for on-premise Exchage at the end of 2016.
So i was looking around for easy (and possible cheap) Spam filters and found EFA. Especially useful because it already has a hyper-v appliance and i use hyper-v already for our servers.

Afer installation, testing, adapting to our needs, more testing, head-scratching and tweaking it’s now up and running since about 1 month.

A little background why the tweaks: we have 2 ISP for reliability (yes they do from time to time stop working for no whatever reason)

So i had to find a way to use 2 network interfaces with seperate EHLO/HELO responds for the 2 MX records we have. Same is for sending. I still didn’t figure out a way to make some fail-over for the sending of emails but at least it does pick one random outgoing interface for sending each time.

Anyway thank you for your great efforts and time building, testing and maintaining EFA and i hope the updates with improvements are coming regularly.

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Re: Hello from Thailand :)

Post by darky83 » 19 Nov 2018 09:29

Version eFa 4.x now available!

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