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GDPR Policy Notice

Post by shawniverson » 25 May 2018 21:48

The email Filter appliance project would like to take a moment to update you on GDPR as it applies to eFa website, wiki, appliances, and this forum.

I, Shawn Iverson, will be your data protection officer and representative. Please contact me at for any GDPR related requests, comments, questions, or concerns. :D


By visiting, we log certain information about you, which includes:
  • Your originating public ip address.
  • The number of hits to the website pages.

This information is stored on secured mirrors in the form of server logs. This information is used for traffic statistics to the website and is not shared with anyone outside of the official developers of eFa.

Forum and wiki

By registering to the eFa forum, you consent to the use of session cookies, which are used to establish and maintain a secure connection to the forum for the purpose of making posts to the forum topics.

Any information you place in your profile in the forum is public and visible to others visiting the forum, with the exception of secure fields (such as passwords).

Passwords are stored in encrypted format on secure servers and are not accessible to others, including the developers.

Private messages in the forum are visible to the recipient(s) and developers of eFa.

email Filter appliance software

Downloads of email Filter appliance are tracked and logged, for the purpose of aggregate download statistics.

Use of the email Filter appliance software, by default, will configure a 1x1 spacer hosted on Appliances that access this spacer are logged, which includes public ip addresses and number of hits, for the purpose of determining number of eFa installations active worldwide. This can be disabled by replacing the 1x1 spacer with a different one hosted somewhere else in the /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf file.

3rd party products integrated in eFa may share information with other services. This includes:
  • Spam reports explicitly reported to SpamAssassin via the "Report" and "Spam + Report" options.
    Connections to URL blacklists and whitelists may be tracked.
  • Connections to Distributed Checksum Clearing House may be tracked.
  • Connections to DNS servers for the purpose of relaying and scoring spam mail may be tracked.
  • Connections to download updates for clamav, spamassassin, DCC, Pyzor, Razor, Maxmind (GeoIP), and CentOS itself may be tracked.
  • Information revealed in message headers and message content relating to eFa may be read by recipients of email flowing through the appliance. This includes IP address information of relays. Additional configuration may be necessary to conceal private IP address relay information, depending on your configuration, see: viewtopic.php?p=12390
That's it for now :) We will keep this information updated as needed. :dance:
Version eFa 4.0.2 now available!