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eFa 5 Roadmap

Post by shawniverson » 25 Dec 2020 11:49

Hello and happy holidays :dance:

First and foremost, thank you for using eFa. I hope it has benefited you and your organization.

Second, I am returning to college to continue my education (in addition to a full time job). As a result, my time will continue to be limited.

However, I will continue to support eFa despite the limited time. eFa version 4 will continue through 2021 and continue to be supported for another year.

Ideally, I would love to rewrite some major code on eFa to eliminate legacy components and make a far more capable product. I would much rather see eFa using a compiled engine instead of primarily perl. I would like to make each component able to be containerized, scaled, and clustered. I would like to have a graphical admin frontend and modernized UI. These things take an incredible amount of time and effort. I hope to get to a point I can invest the time necessary to do this, but right now I do not have this time to spare.

I believe I do have the time to swing eFa over to Debian and provide a migration path. I don't, however, have time to wait for an alternative such as Rocky Linux (Q2 2021) to become available, sparing a mere 6 months to develop eFa and give time for folks to migrate. I also don't desire to support multiple potential alternative RHEL variants or CentOS 8 Stream.

Therefore, I am announcing that eFa 5 will be based on Debian, and work will begin to get eFa 5 complete with a tool/method to move from eFa 4.

Have a happy holidays and happy new year!