too similar to esva

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too similar to esva

Post by bbrendon » 09 May 2014 17:25

I stand by what I said here ... t=427#p747

I just installed efa Its almost identical to esva. There is NO way I could had the web interface to a user and expect them to achieve user-level tasks. No form validation, confusing, etc etc.

I appreciate people trying to push this project forward and actually getting a working product out but I still think baruwa was the way to go. I still have my original ESVA machine working and will be looking for an _upgrade_ to it rather than a supported replacement.

I guess I've gotten to the point where my implementation has out-grown EFA. Supporting it is too much work so I either have to fix it or replace it. Unfortunately EFA isn't a fix at this time.

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Re: too similar to esva

Post by buzzzo » 09 May 2014 20:17

Seems that your rant in mainly related to mailwatch.
I'm almost agree with u, but one of the advantage of mailwatch his it's simplicity: you could easily adapt to suit your needs.

Why not trying to improve efa rather than criticize it ?

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