Just upgraded to EFA4 - nice job folks!

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Just upgraded to EFA4 - nice job folks!

Post by The_Penguin » 03 Apr 2020 18:31

Hi all. Long time MailScanner and for the last few years EFA user.
I had a minor issue the other day where EFA3 stalled with a Clamav issue.
Resolved it, but thought, hmmm good time to upgrade.
I have a very simple small home setup, so decided to install it from scratch on a new VM, test, then cut over.
Well, I must say it went very well!
Only minor issue was the ISO didn't want to boot from a type 2 Hyper-V VM, so I just used a type 1. No biggie.

That, and not being a SQL guy, I stressed a bit about how to get the whitelist/blacklist, but a quick search found the import script.
Great job, keep up the good work!

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