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Plus addressing

Post by Heimir » 15 Jan 2020 17:18


Does EFA support plus addressing in email addresses.
We currently have the gateways set to only allow emails for known users.
But we want to allow plus addressing as in:
Normal email address:
Plus address:

Can the gateways do that?

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Re: Plus addressing

Post by pdwalker » 16 Jan 2020 12:18

Good question. It's a useful feature; I use it all the time with my gmail account.

It would have to be supported at the postfix level I think. I'll have a search for this tomorrow.

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Re: Plus addressing

Post by shawniverson » 18 Jan 2020 15:18

Correct, this is postfix, although it would be nice for MailWatch to correlate the plus addresses as a single user.
Version eFa 4.0.2 now available!

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