Server Blacklisted on google gmail

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Server Blacklisted on google gmail

Post by enriluis » 03 Sep 2019 13:22

This is not related to EFA
My server has been blocked on google and I cannot deliver messages to gmail, my server is not blacklisted according to mxtoobox where I have several monitors, I use dkim, dmarc and spf, I have made several checks on my server's messages and it seems all right:
some one can help? thanks

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Re: Server Blacklisted on google gmail

Post by jamerson » 13 Sep 2019 13:40

We do not have enought information to assist.
feel free to provide more.
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Re: Server Blacklisted on google gmail

Post by pdwalker » 21 Oct 2019 03:01

(replying to an older topic for anyone else who may come across this problem)


if you check with the individual blacklists, you may be able to find the reason why you've been marked as a spammer.

If you get on these lists, you have to check each one individually to see if you can find the why. Are your users sending out mail being perceived as spam? Do you have open relays? Whatever it is, address the issue and then follow the individual blacklists instructions for getting delisted. Do it sooner rather than later.

Also, consider using a service like to monitor your ip addresses so you can address problems before you get blacklisted in too many places.

knock on wood, but so far, I've only had about 2 incidents in about 7 years that I had to deal with.

Good luck.

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