SMTP Auth How to

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SMTP Auth How to

Post by blason » 02 Mar 2013 05:59

Hey Folks,

I might sound stupid or it might have have covered already but I am confused on email architecture and I would appreciate if someone can guide me. Since I am right now using Spamassassin on same box where my MTA is installed I do not have issues configuring email clients for remote users as they specify my mail server address as my MX and Mailbox server are on same machine.

Now I am trying to distributed setup where I am planning to use mail gw as EFA.03 with zimbra. I know EFA 0.3 right now doesn't support AD/LDAP integration so recipient_check might not work at this time and I can live with it. But the main issue I see is how users are gonna configure their Email clients, will they provide address of mailgw in their outlook and smartphones or I need to give Public IP to my mail server as well so that users can get directly authenticated with mailbox server and outgoing mails will then be relayed through EFA as well as incoming.

INTERNET-------->EFA 0.3 [] ------>

Do I need two public IP address for mailgw as well as for zim? Or mailgw will authenticate users on behalf of

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