Wrong user-login with Active Directory authentication

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Wrong user-login with Active Directory authentication

Post by MarcB » 06 May 2019 11:22

I am using eFa in front of Microsoft Exchange with Active Directory authentication enabled.
This works great with all users, that are using the native email address.
I have one user, who forwards his messages from another mailserver to my Exchange server and who's sender address is therefore changed from the default.
When this user logs in to eFa (to release Mails), he doesn't see his mails there, as eFa uses another user profile.

As this may be hard to understand, here is an example:
The Exchange domain is "exchange.com"
A regular user mail1@exchange.com can login to eFa and see his mails.
Then there is this one user mail2@exchange.com, who forwards his mails from mail3@external.com to mail2@exchange.com .
The sender email address of this user is overwritten with mail3@external.com on the Exchange server, so that the outgoing mails are sent with the correct mail address.
I (as admin user) can see his incoming mails in the eFa backend, they are listed as <sender> -> mail2@exchange.com .
When mail2@exchange.com logs in on the eFa backend, a new user mail3@external.com is created by eFa that has no mails listed.
When mail3@external.com logs in, the same account is shown.
In the admin user backend I can see both users, but I found no way to login the "real" mail2@exchange.com user.

Any ideas how to fix this? Currently this user cannot release quarantined mails on his own.

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