Virus (MBL_23694434.UNOFFICIAL)

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Virus (MBL_23694434.UNOFFICIAL)

Post by » 18 Mar 2019 21:27

I have lot of false positives with description that i have virus in e-mail.
Virus (MBL_23694434.UNOFFICIAL)

i tried to whitelist MBL_23694434 in clamav but no sucess.

For whitelist i used:
/usr/bin/ -w

I am running EFA-

Any suggestions?

Is there any way quarantine mails with "viruses"? In my situation is crutial to release these false positives.

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Re: Virus (MBL_23694434.UNOFFICIAL)

Post by brunok » 13 May 2019 20:20


I have the same problem here.

How to set up for quarantine mails with "viruses"?
I need these messages to be stored in quarantine too.

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