IPv6 Migration plan.

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IPv6 Migration plan.

Post by henk » 03 Mar 2019 13:50

I know this is off topic and beyond the scope of EFA, but I sure hope someone can share some ideas on this.
As Ipv6 migration made it to the todo list, I like to know if there are members who already did a Ipv4->Ipv6 migration.
Enable IPv6 just for efa is useless if the entire environment is still IPV4.

In my view you switch to IPv6 for all or keep using IPv4 till you are confident that you are ready for IPv6.

My base document for IPv6 migration is https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-34029
"An IPv6 transition shouldn't even begin until an enterprise verifies its security devices comply with IPv6. All firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention must support IPv6, and the enterprise must ensure all access control list rules are migrated from IPv4-compliant devices to IPv6-compliant devices."

The frequently misunderstood points are mentioned on page 163.

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