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eFa Project downtime

Post by darky83 » 18 Nov 2018 19:21


Just a heads up, we had a storage outage causing corruption on all virtual machine's we run on sunday 18th of November.
We had to restore from backups, so it might be that some posts have lost and/or that there are still some items not fully functional.

Everything is redundant but because of hardware failure corruption occurred inside the virtual hard drives of the VM's, and these corruptions were synced to the backup environment also, for this reason we had to restore all data from backup.

Let us know if you notice anything not working correctly on the forums or website (just leave a comment here).
Version eFa 4.x now available!

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Re: eFa Project downtime

Post by bbrendon » 08 Dec 2018 08:12

Looks like this is down? https://mirrors.efa-project.org
Might be related to the crash.

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