Fix EFA 4 install script OS check

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Fix EFA 4 install script OS check

Post by cordeos » 26 Apr 2021 10:02

It would be really helpful to remove the one small dot/period after "release 8." in the EFA 4.0 install script.
* CentOS stream reports the version and "release 8" with no decimal place after.

#remove the dots after release number, here:
# elif [[ $OSVERSION =~ .*'release 8.'.* ]]; then
#so you get:
# elif [[ $OSVERSION =~ .*'release 8'.* ]]; then

Other than this, the installation on CentOS Stream 8 works perfectly. Once setup completes it also RUNS perfectly.

Out of the 5 distributions/versions we tested (extensively), CentOS Stream 8 is the ONLY one which worked absolutely perfectly, first time without a SINGLE adjustment, fix, tweak or modification of any kind. We tested different concoctions of Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS7, and Stream.

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