Email missing from Quarantine Reports on 4.0.4

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Email missing from Quarantine Reports on 4.0.4

Post by Bluu » 25 Feb 2021 18:40

We came across an issue recently that others were having on in this thread here - viewtopic.php?t=3359

When an email is quarantined going to and, only 1 of the users is getting the email in their quarantine report and not the other, eg: gets it in their daily report, but will not.

When logs into EFA, they are able to see all the emails sent to them, and find the email that was blocked and release it this way, either by searching or by scrolling through the recent messages until it is found.

Has anyone else came across this in 4.0.4? We duplicated this issue on a second EFA installation also running 4.0.4

Our issue is varying slightly from the issue on as users can log into EFA and see it in the web interface, and 1 user gets the blocked email in their spam reports.

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Re: Email missing from Quarantine Reports on 4.0.4

Post by shawniverson » 26 Feb 2021 12:18

I think this will resolve your issue. I may need to pull this into eFa as it hasn't been tagged for release yet.

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