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eFa4 Autoupdate

Post by henk » 06 Feb 2020 10:48

I was supprised to get the following mail from eFa4 :doh:
Long story short, how do I turn off auto updating? Just remove the /etc/cron.daily/0yum-daily.cron cron job?

Code: Select all


The following updates will be applied on eFa4:
 Package               Arch    Version               Repository            Size
 kernel                x86_64  3.10.0-1062.12.1.el7  sans-centos-updates   50 M
 NetworkManager        x86_64  1:1.18.0-5.el7_7.2    sans-centos-updates  1.9 M
 NetworkManager-libnm  x86_64  1:1.18.0-5.el7_7.2    sans-centos-updates  1.7 M
 NetworkManager-team   x86_64  1:1.18.0-5.el7_7.2    sans-centos-updates  163 k
 NetworkManager-tui    x86_64  1:1.18.0-5.el7_7.2    sans-centos-updates  327 k
 binutils              x86_64  2.27-41.base.el7_7.2  sans-centos-updates  5.9 M
 bpftool               x86_64  3.10.0-1062.12.1.el7  sans-centos-updates  8.2 M
 curl                  x86_64  7.29.0-54.el7_7.2     sans-centos-updates  270 k
 firewalld             noarch  0.6.3-2.el7_7.3       sans-centos-updates  441 k
 firewalld-filesystem  noarch  0.6.3-2.el7_7.3       sans-centos-updates   50 k
 iprutils              x86_64      sans-centos-updates  243 k
 kernel-headers        x86_64  3.10.0-1062.12.1.el7  sans-centos-updates  8.7 M
 kernel-tools          x86_64  3.10.0-1062.12.1.el7  sans-centos-updates  7.9 M
 kernel-tools-libs     x86_64  3.10.0-1062.12.1.el7  sans-centos-updates  7.8 M
 libcurl               x86_64  7.29.0-54.el7_7.2     sans-centos-updates  223 k
 postgresql-libs       x86_64  9.2.24-2.el7_7        sans-centos-updates  234 k
 python-firewall       noarch  0.6.3-2.el7_7.3       sans-centos-updates  353 k
 python-perf           x86_64  3.10.0-1062.12.1.el7  sans-centos-updates  7.9 M
 sg3_utils             x86_64  1.37-18.el7_7.2       sans-centos-updates  646 k
 sg3_utils-libs        x86_64  1.37-18.el7_7.2       sans-centos-updates   65 k
 smartmontools         x86_64  1:7.0-1.el7_7.1       sans-centos-updates  546 k
 systemd               x86_64  219-67.el7_7.3        sans-centos-updates  5.1 M
 systemd-libs          x86_64  219-67.el7_7.3        sans-centos-updates  411 k
 systemd-python        x86_64  219-67.el7_7.3        sans-centos-updates  137 k
 systemd-sysv          x86_64  219-67.el7_7.3        sans-centos-updates   88 k

Transaction Summary
Install   1 Package
Upgrade  24 Packages
The updates were successfully applied

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Re: eFa4 Autoupdate

Post by shawniverson » 06 Feb 2020 12:42

Yes, but for anyone else reading this you should leave autoupdating on unless you have a good reason not to (and "I'm scared of updates" is not a valid reason! :lol: :roll: )
Version eFa 4.0.2 now available!

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Re: eFa4 Autoupdate

Post by henk » 06 Feb 2020 13:34

Haha Shawn, as in anyone else but Henk. :shifty:
Just got rid of fear for selinux, and still working on IPv6 with little progress.
Maybe somewhere in the future, but till then: Thou Shalt Not AutoUpdate :naughty:

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