IPv6 disable bug

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IPv6 disable bug

Post by Justin » 18 Apr 2019 12:18

Hi there,

When i try to disable IPv6 on our system i get the following error:

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/var/eFa/lib/eFa-Configure/func_ipsettings: line 94: Read: command not found
All done
Steps are as followed:
4) IP Settings --> 6) Disable IPv6 --> Error

Any idea how to solve this?
Our IPv6 implementation is currently broken on one side so we are getting bounces from Gmail.
As a temporary fix, i want to disable it for now.

Running the latest eFa4 release

Kind regards,

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Re: IPv6 disable bug

Post by ethandee178 » 18 Apr 2019 14:02

Make a backup of the file /var/eFa/lib/eFa-Configure/func_ipsettings

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cp /var/eFa/lib/eFa-Configure/func_ipsettings /var/eFa/lib/eFa-Configure/func_ipsettings.bak
edit the file

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nano +94 /var/eFa/lib/eFa-Configure/func_ipsettings
change the word Read to read. The command needs to be lowercase
ctrl+x to close; y to save
Try the script again.
If you screw it up worse, restore backup

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cp /var/eFa/lib/eFa-Configure/func_ipsettings.bak /var/eFa/lib/eFa-Configure/func_ipsettings
Let me know

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