EFA4 Initial SSH

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EFA4 Initial SSH

Post by henk » 09 Mar 2019 11:27

In the process of testing efa4 I did want to change some settings before the Initial configure script.
As root will not be able to login ( due ssh policy and Selinux) and service sshd is disabled, as good security policy, by default

To be able to login with SSH. ( to be able to copy and paste and watch the configure process and logs)
Do not use this user to exec the install script!

First create tmp admin user for SSH access

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useradd admin
usermod -aG wheel admin
passwd admin
Decide if you want to enable ssh

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systemctl enable sshd
Start sshd

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systemctl start sshd
When finisched you can delete the tmp admin user and use the CLI user created by the EFA configure script, or even disable ssh.
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Re: EFA4 Initial SSH

Post by shawniverson » 09 Mar 2019 15:54

This is a good method, worthy of a wiki article. Relevant to a Kickstart build.

I will also add that you can build without using Kickstart to have an active account with SSH enabled with the password of your choice, which is suitable for VPS/Cloud/LXC, and should also cooperate with cloud-init.

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