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Outlook addin

Post by A_Slayer » 27 Jan 2020 21:52

Hello humans.
I deployed this awesome tool last year to help with spam at my company.

I'm looking for an easier option for my users to make things as spam.
EG they can right click on an email in outlook (or worse open it) and select junk ->block sender
or make a new option "mark as junk/spam"

Maybe even have an option to select all mail from domain or from this sender.
Then that action add a blacklist to EFA?

Previous spam filter systems have this feature.
I searched the forums if this was asked for before but my google foo isnt the best.
Are there any programmers out there that can do this?

FYI yes some admins get the spam list emails daily, buuut i dont want to manage their email.


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