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multiple EFAs to one database

Posted: 27 Jun 2017 05:24
by SharazJek
id like to see an option to have the database(s) hosted on another server, and multiple appliances access the single greylist (et al). like possibly have the web front end and the database on one node, and then the clients just accept mail and check/write to the database.

i am getting this idea based on my setup, which i have one EFA at my house, and then another one at my buddies house, both accepting mail for my domain (my buddies deliveres to my exchange server thru an IPsec tunnel). every time im waiting on an important email from a new sender, i have to open multiple EFA front end webpages and monitor multiple greylists, or manage multiple mailscanner whitelists, etc.

i am thinking an architecture like this could jump EFA to the next level of enterprise deployments :)

Re: multiple EFAs to one database

Posted: 28 Jun 2017 17:32
by shawniverson
Slated for v4, actually. Clustered setup options are being tested.

Re: multiple EFAs to one database

Posted: 27 Jul 2017 12:34
by efa-user
While a fully clustered solution would be wonderful, I suspect there is a non-trival volume of work to get there..

So I am wondering if it could be worth splitting hte potentially lower hanging fruit on the operational side, such as replicating greylist and bayes data that is already in SQL between multiple eFA instances...

Then treating the more complex elements required to allow the users to search, review and release quarantined messages from a centralised interface as phase 2?

Longer term it would be great if the overall architecture could support separating the web interface and database from the mailfiltering, ie with one or more dedicated filter instances being managed and syncronised with the master instance weether or not its actually handing any mail traffic...

Would that be possible with the planned architecture in v4?