Quarantine Filtering

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Quarantine Filtering

Post by SharazJek » 08 Sep 2016 19:45

i have customers who are settling in to EFA, and when searching for quarantine'd spams, they request that it would sure be helpful to filter out all the non-spam emails, or to even further be able to search by sender or subject topic or really text from any field of the email.

i hope this one can get some consideration! thanks!

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Re: Quarantine Filtering

Post by dturbo » 08 Sep 2016 22:55

HI there, I'm not in front of my EFA at the moment, so I can't investigate all the options, however you can certainly achieve the 1st request to filter out the non spam simply, just by using the reports page. For example, say you want to review all the current day's SPAM in quarantine, but not see the non SPAM. Go to reports, and add a filter for 'Date'. Set it for 'euqal to' 2016-09-08 (todays date). Then add another filter for 'Spamassassin score'. Set the value of this to 'greater than or equal to' and then a value - for me the spam threshold is 4.0, so I use this value. Then click on 'Show messages'. You will have a list of all the day's SPAM only.

There may be other options for sender etc, I'm not sure, as I am not in front of it. But certainly, I find the above really quick to do and very effective for quickly scanning through the days SPAM looking for any obvious false positives. There are some other filters you can add which will show other types of quarantined mail (I think.... I'm sure I have done this) such as bad content etc.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Quarantine Filtering

Post by SharazJek » 09 Sep 2016 00:34

another customer request, along the same topic, would be to be able to check-box and process/release multiple quarantines emailed simultaneously.

i tried the filter you showed me, and it works, but i can see that being kind of cumbersome for a non-technical user. if there was a flip-switch they could click to show only spams right from the quarantine page, that would be pretty useful.

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Re: Quarantine Filtering

Post by shawniverson » 10 Sep 2016 00:26

Once I have this fix published....(shooting for Saturday)


You can do this...


Code: Select all

// Hide High Spam and high mcp from regular users
// Prevent regular users from seeing high spam and high mcp
define('HIDE_HIGH_SPAM', true);

// Hide Non Spam from quarantine reports
define('HIDE_NON_SPAM', true);

// Hide Unknown Mail from quarantine reports
define('HIDE_UNKNOWN', true);

//Quarantine Auto Release
//Set true to allow auto release of quarantined items from quarantine report - note, requires DB modification, see auto-release.php
define('AUTO_RELEASE', true);

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