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Rule Request

Post by nicola.piazzi » 11 Jul 2016 06:50

EFA is very accurate and efficient
After month of personalization I can say that my efa has an accuracy that is impossible to find in other cloud services or commercial products
But there is a rule that is not present and I think that everyone need : We can call it "Similar Subject from different Ip" or "Similar Body from different ip"
It can be that one ip address send similar body / subject, for example a related company that send invoices to us.
But some spammers have installed botnet in a lot of pc in the word that send mail at a time,
so we need to catch with a rule when similar email comes from different ip sources.

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Re: Rule Request

Post by ovizii » 11 Jul 2016 09:36

is that not what DCC, razor and pyzor are doing?

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