MailScanner on NFS mount point with AWS EFS

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MailScanner on NFS mount point with AWS EFS

Post by kingmilo » 18 Jan 2021 06:17

Hi all,

In anticipation of the space requirements (minimum 100G) for my efa server I decided to make use AWS Elastic File Storage which is essentially a NFS file system. I created a mount point at /mnt/efs/MailScanner and a soft link at /var/sppol/mail/MailScanner pointing to /mnt/efs/MailScanner and then did the efa install which worked fine. I added an entry to /etc/fstab so that the mount point would be automatically mounted at reboot and I tested the setup by rebooting and got the "cannot open access to console, the root account locked".

So it seems like a process is happening before the NFS mount which is looking for a specific config in the MailScanner DIR and hence the server cannot boot. Does anyone have experience with using a NFS mount to hold the MailScanner DIR and contents?

What folders within the MailScanner DIR are expected to be the largest, perhaps I can mount those on the NFS instead of the entire MailScanner DIR to prevent the above issue?

Any guidance will be appreciated.


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