Bypass EFA for single recipient

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Bypass EFA for single recipient

Post by mobamobamoba » 06 Aug 2020 11:46

Does anyone know how I could bypass Mailscanner for one recipient, i.e. skips all checks and is forwarded directly to my Exchange Server without even being logged in EFA? I'm asking because I'm backing up a family member's Gmail account (via Gmail's forwarding service) and I don't want to filter any of it since I really don't care what the email is or if it's spam or not as it's solely for archive purposes in case of an accidental deletion.

My Postfix skills are not awesome nor is my regex :) so any help would be appreciated - thanks!

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Re: Bypass EFA for single recipient

Post by shawniverson » 07 Aug 2020 09:33

Yeah, that would be posfix for sure. You might use a milter map to bypass MailScanner entirely. ... ilter_maps

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