Migrating to eFa from a traditional MailScanner installation

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Migrating to eFa from a traditional MailScanner installation

Post by VAXman65 » 23 Feb 2020 20:19

I have a functioning MailScanner installation running as an email gateway in much the same manner eFa is assuming (at least that's what it looks like to me). I have a few questions at the outset for how I can recreate the capabilities i have deployed today:

1) I have to use an external service to send any email due to ISP restrictions. Right now, I have added as the last entry in the Postfix transport file:
* relay:[outbound.mailhop.org]:2525
and with that, en entry inm sasl_passwd with the credential for the service. With eFa, is there a more preferred way to do this? I am leery of making manual updates to the transport file since eFa is playing there.

2) In my setup, there are no local mailboxes on my MailScanner system - it is a gateway only with another internal system supporting the mailboxes. I though eFa was doing the same, but I see it running Dovecot. What is that for?

3) Related to #2, i am very strict about access to my email system. Any email hitting my MailScanner system must be for local delivery to one of my local users in my local domains. This is my household system, so simply listing all allowed users in relay_recipients was no big deal. With this and complementary settings in main.cf, mail is not event accepted unless it is one of these users. My mailbox server is a linux system with Postfixadmin implementing IMAP users presented by Dovecot (no Exchange server). Would automated recipient verification work here, or it that for Exchange only? To get my former behavior, is there a way to support this without manually hacking the postfix setup?

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Re: Migrating to eFa from a traditional MailScanner installation

Post by shawniverson » 24 Feb 2020 00:38

1) This is good. You can edit these files directly. eFa has eFa-Configure to help folks along with these and other files. You do not have to rely on it.

2) This is a gateway only. It is only using Dovecot SASL for the submission daemon, in case you need authenticated submission of email.

3) If your mail system automatically rejects delivery if the user does not exist there, automatic recipient verification will work fine. You would need to edit the postfix configuration to use a relay_recipients file instead if that is not desired.
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