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New installation - unsure how to access user account

Posted: 24 Aug 2019 18:01
by torchredfrc

I have recently installed the ova of EFA in VMware and after installation I added a couple test domains to the filter. When accessing the web portal for EFA I expected to be able to login using an email address and the associated password with that email address (on the actual mail server) but I am unable to successfully authenticate using valid credentials. I have looked back through the installation instructions and post installation instructions, I don't believe I have missed any steps but I am clearly missing something. Could anyone kindly fill me in on how I access an individual email accounts filter settings without creating the accounts directly in EFA as well as my mail system?

Wanted to add, I am able to access the EFA web interface using the local account I created during installation/setup and I can SSH into the vm without any issues.