Block Spam for certain domains

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Block Spam for certain domains

Post by shrf1973 » 05 Aug 2019 10:57

I have several domains on my EFA ( , ,, .. )
All Spam detected emails have the "{Spam}" in the subject and it working fine.
I want the EFA to drop Spam emails for certain domain ( ) and deliver the rest of emails as it is doing now

Thanks for help


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Re: Block Spam for certain domains

Post by nicola.piazzi » 06 Aug 2019 09:36

vi /etc/postfix/sender_access REJECT Your domain is not allowed
icu REJECT Your tld is not allowed

postmap /etc/postfix/sender_access
service postfix restart

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Re: Block Spam for certain domains

Post by usmaan.amin » 08 Aug 2019 07:17

this is not reply to the question infact.sorry for that

but i have an issue of spamming/phishing. we are getting hundred of emails on our email ID
i already have reported this to the concerned registrar.

pls guide how can i delete/block immediately all incoming emails to my email ID as soon as it arrives on EFA

pls guide

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