Outgoin Mail - Random IP

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Outgoin Mail - Random IP

Post by omer » 24 Jun 2019 09:24


I want each of the outgoing mails to go to the server randomly from different IP addresses defined. Is this possible? In this way, if an IP address is damaged, I want to list it and send the mail to the recipients properly.

I found something like this, but I didn't understand how to use it.
https://www.kutukupret.com/2010/12/06/p ... -and-perl/

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Re: Outgoin Mail - Random IP

Post by webguyz » 07 Nov 2019 03:21

Found an excellent article that allows you to do just that. I currently use 10 different IP's on my one EFA server and have no problems with rate limiting at google and yahoo. Follow the instructions in the link below. Works great

https://shami.blog/2016/04/randomize-so ... h-postfix/

To bind additional IP's to your EFA interface do a Google search search on "Centos Add IP address"

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